Wedding Security


Party Event Security Services is a specialist Company providing Wedding Security services throughout London and its surrounding Boroughs, with the experience to tailor our service to complement all cultures and customs.


We understand that a Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you spend months and in some instances, years planning for this big day and major event, and the last thing you’d want to see happen is for this day to be tainted by some unforeseen circumstance which could have easily been avoided with professional Security measures in place.


Planning your wedding security can be an easy task as long as you employ the services of an experienced and Professional Wedding Security Guard Company which can mean the difference between the day running smooth or you leaving yourselves vulnerable to the threat of it turning out to be a disaster.


Party Event Security Services will ensure your family, friends, and guests are safe within an organized and free-flowing fashion, by providing smart and courteous Wedding Security guards who will protect the bridal party, guests also gifts, and will make sure that there are no uninvited people gaining entry.


Gift Security


We will provide a guard whose key role would be to observe and protect the gifts, which are made up of cash donations, envelopes, cards and packages. From our experience and a simple and effective way to secure the gifts would be to use a safe which comes complete with rotary deposit feature allowing for envelopes, donations and small packages to be placed securely into a slot provided at the top, together with a combination/ key chamber positioned in the center allowing for secured access at the end of the event. The safe should be large enough to securely accommodate all of the deposited gifts and also too heavy for an intruder or opportunist to easily carry away. Party Event Security Services can provide the hire of a safe on request.


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